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“Thank you so much Chef Michael! Everything is always so delicious and when I get home from a long day at work, I wait to see what you’ve left my family for re-heat in my fridge and you never fail to WOW. My family can’t stop talking about how good the food is and how professional you are from comfort, to plant based to everyday favorites. I always recommend you to my family and friends. Realizing I have a private chef every Tuesday has become such a weekly relief, that I always look forward to. Thanks again Chef!”



"Michael is an amazing personal chef and I highly recommend his services. I enjoy working with him because he has such a positive attitude, excellent command of the kitchen and understands my family… even my dogs love him! I appreciate that he respects and supports local, sustainable and organic farming practices, this has to be from his growing up surrounded by farms. His menus are always creative and incorporate the freshest ingredients.”


"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Chef Michael during our Taste of Home cooking tours around the country and I’m gonna say besides his dedication to his craft and his tireless efforts, he’s the CLASSIEST CAT I KNOW! People just love this guy! He seems to do no wrong but when he does, he steps right up to the plate and shows you he cares. He loves what he does and it truly shows. Anyone who is thinking of using his services from catering to cooking classes to using all his talents as a private chef… you’ve found a gem. He used to kid with me with a phrase from his hero Old Blue Eyes “This is my world, I’m just letting you live in it”… Let him live in YOUR world, you’ll be glad you did."


“Working with Michael was great, he is such a pro and the food was fantastic. I have never thrown such an impressive party with so little effort!”


"Chef Michael has done more for me then cook meals that I love and remember, before my wife passed. Because of my physical limitations bought on by my age, 93, I have been unable to perform many ordinary kitchen tasks. He’s streamlined my kitchen and has become a trustworthy and good friend I can depend on…. I highly recommend Chef Michael to anyone."


"We really enjoyed having you. The food was so delicious and you left everything spotless! My girlfriends had such a great time. Brian will have to let his boss know this was one of the best & most thoughtful gifts EVER! You took over my kitchen and lovingly commanded us to have a great time and boy, did you deliver! From the delicious wine to the fabulous hors d’ oeuvres, we didn’t want the fun to STOP! I’m recommending whole heartedly to gift Chef Michael’s cooking classes for your next surprise party… such a joyous night!"


Thank you so much for all that you did to make Friday night such a success! I got the impression that it’s about who you are- because of that, everything benefits from your essence. I love your aesthetics, your flavors, and your philosophy- I couldn’t have dreamed up a better fit. Friday night was everything I hoped it might be. I am so looking forward to collaborating in the future!"


"A man with integrity and confidence. He clearly has a following. I love this chef, and I know I’m not easy to please. Michael is an outstanding person & chef and has a strong sense of his great ability. He presented numerous menu options and is flexible in meeting our needs. The most impressive and rare characteristic he showed, was, although my party was cancelled due to last minute miscommunications by my property manager, he was very humble and said… no worries. Another time. That impressed me. His flexibility and support is something I will never ever forget. He will be 1st in line for my next party."


"Even as an experienced cook, I’ve learned a LOT from Michael. I never went to chef’s school so I’m completely self-taught. As a trained chef, he’s helped me fill in those gaps from a technical aspect and I’ve learned little “Tricks of the Trade” that one only picks up working in great restaurants. Did I also mention his classes are a BLAST! Nothing better than going with a friend, opening a bottle of wine and getting some new recipes. BRAVO!"


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