*All classes priory tested and performed live in your home or on stage

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• All classes are designed to accommodate any amount from 1 to 50.

• A 25% deposit is required to hold your date and time with 2 weeks prior notice.

• All costs specific terms as well as questions you have will be addressed in our 1st meeting.

Most Popular

FATIGUE FIGHTERS -- Energizer Breakfast

What Makes a Healthy Breakfast? A good balance of fiber-rich carbohydrates and low-fat protein gives you the energy you’ll need fora very important meal of your day, morning! Skipping the protein will leave you famished by latemorning, and relying solely on protein robs you of necessary fiber and the carbohydrates your brainand body need to function productively. Although a little fat will keep hunger at bay, a high-fatbreakfast leaves you sluggish long before lunchtime. Recipes provided.


Important Info Regarding All Fish and Shellfish. Most every town in America has a fishmonger (fish store) or market that buys and breaks down fish. They can speak to the differences of why to buy fish regarding lean or oily, firm textured or delicate, best for moist-heat methods or steaks for grilling, broiling or kabobs. If you must purchase from your local grocer or monger, make sure you know what you’re looking for, this class tells all! Recipes and graphs provided.

DRY HEAT COOKING (Without Fats and Oils)

Minimum fats are applied to products such as veggies, beef, pork and fish. We then discuss all aspects of grilling, broiling and roasting demonstrating how to consistently get fantastic results.


This class focuses on Equipment Identification including demos of small wares, basic knife cuts as well as sanitation and safety. *Recipes and graphs provided.

DRY HEAT COOKING (With Fats and Oils)

Everything in this class rely on fat or oil as a cooking medium. The amount of oil is altered in
relation to the amount and type of food being cooked. All foods in this class take a brief amount of time, use high heat and require lean, tender, small pieces of meat, poultry, fish or vegetables.


This cooking method is a very frugal way to prepare foods. Typically, meat, fish, veggies, potatoes and grains are all prepared in a single pot or vessel. This technique produces a moist, tender and delicate flavored food with a good quality, rich deeply flavored broth.


I’ve found this class to be one of the most valuable for any home cook who wants to simplify and organize their daily chores in the kitchen giving you a complete and comprehensive inventory of your pantry, cabinets and counter tops. Outfitting your kitchen in such a way will allow you to ONLY buy perishable and specialty items on your weekly grocery list.

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