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Beans & Greens

Yield: 1 Quart

You can't make enough of  this Italian perfecto side.


Lots      Spinach (Fresh, cleaned, at least 3-4 large bags) will wilt down 8 to 1.

4 cans  Cannellini beans (canned, liquid off, no rinse)

10 cls.   Garlic (minced or sliced thin)

¼ C       Olive oil evoo- Xtra Virgin

¼ tsp    Red pepper flakes

S&P      To taste (both fresh ground)


  1. Take a LARGE dutch oven, stock pot or deep saute pan and pre-heat on med. high with the oil. (You don't want to hot to hurt the olive oil if to high)

  2. Add garlic for just 5 seconds. Shake the pan or pot, add half the pepper flakes, then ½  the beans and S&P. Watch S&P, you can always add more.

  3. Begin adding spinach a bag at a time. STIR, STIR Turn up heat to Med. high

  4. Add 1 can of beans and another spinach bag. STIR, STIR      Little S&P

  5. Add remaining greens, beans, remaining pepper flakes & little S&P.

  6. Put a lid or sheet pan to cover for 3-4 minutes. STIR and taste.



  • Or, stuff pork chops, chicken, fish or make soup...

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