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Beef  Wellington (Wellies)

Yield: 4 servings

This has been my special event entree since

I can remember. It encompasses all things

gastronome in my mind as I present it to you...


2 Lbs.        Beef Fillets (center cut beef tenderloin)
3oz.           Olive oil
1½ Lb.       Wild mushrooms (cleaned)
1                Thyme sprig (leaves only)
2                Puff pastry sheets
8                Parma ham (nice thinly sliced pieces)
2                Egg yolks (beaten with 1T water & a pinch of salt)
S&P           to taste

2T              Olive oil
½ Lb.         Beef trimmings from chain of tenderloin
4                Shallots (large, peeled and sliced)
10              Peppercorns
1                Bay leaf
1                Thyme sprig
1                Red wine vinegar (splash)
½               Red wine bottle
1Qt            Beef stock (low salt)



  1. Wrap both pieces of beef tightly in a double layer of cling film to set shape and chill overnight.

  2. Remove wrap and sear beef on all sides in a little olive oil. Reserve

  3. Finely chop shrooms and half the shallots in a med. hot pan with thyme leaves, S&P until dry. Reserve

  4. Cut pasty in half and roll on a floured surface large enough to wrap each piece of beef. Cover and chill.

  5. Lay a large piece of cling film on counter, place 4 slices of ham slightly overlapping in the middle creating a square, spread ½ mushroom mixture to cover ham. Repeat

  6. Place beef on top of mushroom mixture, picking up the film, roll and cover the beef, trim the pastry, brush with egg wash then re-rap with plastic tightly to form a roll.

  7. Repeat with 2nd beef and chill both for 30 minutes.

  8. Make the sauce...
    Heat pan with olive oil and sear the beef scraps with S&P until brown.

  9. Add remaining shallots, peppercorns bay and thyme sprig cooking for 5 minutes stirring until the shallots are brown.

  10. Deglaze with vinegar until dry then add wine and reduce till almost dry and add wine.

  11. Simmer for an hour, skimming the scum. Strain

  12. When you're ready to cook the wellies, score the top with a reversed paring knife to look like photo, place on a parchment lined sheet pan.

  13. Brush pastry with a little more egg wash and cook in a preheated  400º oven on middle rack for 20+ minutes or until perfectly browned.

  14. Rest for 10 minutes before carving.     ENJOY! 

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